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Sep 27, 2005
Does anybody know where I can find info on yard/garden tractors dealing with side-by-side price and quality comparisons?
Websites are preferred.
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Consumer Reports does that sort of thing. Don't know if L&G tractors are included. There's been less than kind things said here recently about product ratings. At best, such things may suggest things to think about when actually looking. There's really no substitute for taking a test run.

Operating a tractor takes concentration and a lot of hand-feet-eye coordination. Get it wrong and a lot of damage can be done. Some designs just aren't right for particular individuals, and you can't know that without trying a tractor out. I've got a stove where I consistently turn on the wrong burner. Maybe it's OK for some people, but it's a bad design for me. Sure wouldn't want that in a tractor.

Anyway, most all the big name tractors are good machines, and the choice really comes down to which machine or dealer is liked best.