Confused about Montana tractors ?

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chh what models are built in india. i think i just answered my own question the 23 and 27 hp sc models are tym's i think.
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[ I quit reading the Farmtrac thread months ago because it was just too much BS and wild speculation about not much of nothing.

You are 110% correct with your statement!!!!

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chh what models are built in india. i think i just answered my own question the 23 and 27 hp sc models are tym's i think.
TYM's are South Korean, not Indian. The Indian tractor is the I-4794.
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so are the 2 sub compacts built by tym?
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I series sounds correct on the Indian tractor. I don't exactaly remember the numbers. I spent more time talking than looking. My T 7074 (70 hp) was a Tym model. I am not sure which where Tym and which were LS then.
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I've been a Montana owner since Feb 2005, and bought one of the initial 5740C's with the "squared" FEL they came out with the first year. I can't even remember the name of the FEL manuf. right now...

I think your loader was made by Koyker.
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I-4794 is built in India by Sonalika International. Sonalika Tractor and Automobile Manufacturer India Sonalika Agro Industries products India Sonalika International Cars & Motors Ltd

The Montana Limited 545 was built by Escorts in India. Escorts Agri Machinery Group

On their website Montana still lists the C-series, built in Romania by UTB and the T-series, built in S.Korea by TYM. Other than that, the rest are all built by LS in S.Korea. LS Mtron Agricultural Machinery Division

Of note, LS is starting to sell their own tractors in the USA under their own name. LS Tractor USA
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QUOTE=Arky217;1659037]Hello everyone,

This is my first post, (and I apoligize in advance for it's length) but I've been reading the posts on TBN for several months to educate myself on today's tractors. Though I grew up with a Farmall 140 in the '50s and '60s, that is about the limit of my experience with tractors.
I have 24 wooded acres from which I am doing some personal use logging and milling to build a retirement home. I need a tractor for such general uses as handling slabs and brush, clearing of small trees, moving rocks, leveling, road grading, etc.
Therefore, I have been looking for a good used tractor for some time, but also have been considering new ones as well.

I went to a place today to look at a used JD, but it looked a little too used for me, but found out the place sold new Montanas and McCormicks. I told the owner what I wanted the tractor for and he steered me to the Montana model 545DTC. From the specs on the tractor and the price he gave me, it looks like a real winner.
When I got home, I went to the Montana web site and saw that on the right side of the page, it showed these tractors as the Montana Limited series, but it did not have any information on them. Then I started to read the posts on TBN and becamed confused about these tractors. From the posts, it seems that Montana has bought out Farmtrac ? Is this the case, and are these blue Montanas rebadged Farmtrac tractors ? Of course, that wouldn't mean anything to me anyway since I know little about either brand. This tractor sure looks stout and has just about everything that I think I need in a tractor (except maybe a shuttle shift). I was impressed by the dealer as well; he said that he would cover all transportation costs on warranty work and I live about 50 miles away.
The dealer gave me a one page brochure on the tractor, but didn't have anything on the loader. But he said the loader is a model 5345 (couldn't find it on the Montana web site either) and that it could lift 3100 #. It, like the tractor, looks pretty stout.
Can anyone tell me about this tractor ? Is it a Farmtrac, now a Montana ? And is that good ? bad ? doesn't matter ?
Is that the right lift capacity on the loader ?

There seems to be some posts of dealers dropping off, should I be concerned about this dealer near me being able to do any needed warranty work for the next three years ? And will parts be available in the future ?
This dealer also told me that the warranty was 'bumper to bumper' for 3 years, including the loader. I have not been able to find anything on Montana's web site about the warranty, but I have read in some posts on TBN that the 'bumper to bumper' is only for 1 year ?
Finally (aren't you glad I'm finally stopping :) ), does anyone have this model tractor, and if so, how do you like it ?
What are it's strengths ? And have you noticed any weaknesses ?

And also, what is the country of origin for these tractors, and who makes the engine ?

Thanks much to everyone who replies,

i own a 2006 farmtrac 545dtc with loader. its been a good tractor. the only trouble i have had is the 4 wheel drive engegment handle. be careful the handle can be pushed to far down. this has happened to me twice. once this happens you have it repaired to engage the 4 wheel drive.
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look up escort i believe that model was manufactured by them you also might find loader info there, i'm betting that because it's a rebadged farmtrac which isn't a bad thing the montana site wouldn't have info on them. also i don't rember seeing too much info on the tractors also.
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I looked back at my paperwork from when I bought my Farmtrac tractor and found a brochure on FT loaders which is what you are looking at, the brochure says that the lifting capacity of the model# 5345 is 3500lbs cant tell you anything about the tractor sorry, hope this helps for your loader question.