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Nov 24, 2012
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First time it connected. Accidentally stressed the hose first time using the grapple and now the male end on the Grapple will not snap into either the female connector on the grapple or tractor. Nothing looks bent or deformed.

Am I missing something or do I need to replace the fitting?

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It's possible it has pressure on it. You may have to unscrew it and relieve the pressure, be careful though. It will spew fluid a ways if that's what it is.
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I always cheat and just press the ball of the male connector against some hard surface to relieve the pressure in the hose / spew a few drops of fluid.

Sometimes I get fancy and wrap it in a rag beforehand.

No harm right?

When it comes to connecting/disconnecting hydraulic hoses, trying to have neutral pressure in the lines is the goal.
On disconnecting, this can mean "jiggling" the hydraulic controls (and/or turning tractor off), making sure no weight is on hydraulic cylinders, etc...
On connecting this can mean bleeding the hoses (that have sat in the sun or heating/cooling cycles and expansion/condensing has caused pressure).
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Wrap a heavy rag over the ball end of the male fitting, and hammer it with a board to relieve the pressure. I keep a copper pipe end cap handy to do this, with a rag over it to hold it on. Then I can use a hammer, wrench handle, or whatever I have handy since the copper protects the fitting.
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Thanks guys...will try that first before calling the dealer and looking like a dufus.

Much more comfortable being a dufus here on the net..LOL
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Good advice above. :thumbsup:

This video with Ted should help you to prevent future occurrences!

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Many thanks worked perfectly.

Lots of fluid came out when I relieved the pressure.

Subsequent disconnect I left the grapple open a bit, turned off the tractor....hit the 3rd function switch and disconnected. Hooked up easily on next attempt.
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Close the grapple before you disconnect it. Otherwise there will be weight on the cylinders making pressure in the lines. Operating the 3rd function can let it the lid(s) close if you wait.
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It's more difficult when you disconnect in cooler temperatures and then try to connect when it's warm. The fluid expands and is under more pressure.
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After I shut off the tractor I move all the hyraulic levers, contols etc to relieve pressure on the entire system.
Never have a problem doing it this way.