Converting 6 acres of field to yard?

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Nov 23, 2006
Kubota L6060
Now that I'm upgrading to a tractor that can handle the chore of mowing a larger area, I'm getting ready to convert the remaining 6-7 acres of my lot to grass and have a few questions. I'm located in NW Missouri.

First, should I wait until fall to attempt this or get started this spring? Field is currently emerging in winter wheat.

Second, the land has been farmed in soybeans and winter wheat the last 3 years. Any concerns, problems, benefits due to previous farm use and fertilizer use?

Third, any tips in general on converting a large area to grass? Most will be in full sun, gentle north to north/west facing slope.


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Just make sure you've got it nice and smooth before the grass starts growing.:D
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Once the grass does start growing, is it possible to let it grow to seed each time before cutting? Just wondering if this would be an easy and cheap way to oversead. Or would this cause more problems than benefits?
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Depends on the grass if any specific is needed. you might have to round up the whole area and start fresh. some grasses won't come up from their on seed. Of course up there it might be a whole different ball game!! :D