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I suspect that if the farmers of the era that purchased and used these tractors to make a living were to see one of our SCUTS or CUTS with loaders they would ask, "how in the heck would I use that to cultivate my crop?"

The fact that times change doesn't render the past incorrect. These tractors made a living for a lot of people.
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HUH? Michigan is in the midwest, and it's full of "G"'s, just about every muck farm had them and some truck farms are still using them.

I grew up in Illinois. We made fun of the AC B and C, the IH B and the Ford 8N because "they were too small for real work."
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The reason cubs were made in high numbers was the selling price--- cheeeep to buy cheeep made!! I have 7 of them and only the yellow and white one is any good. I plow with it but its a struggle! Hard dry ground this fall was a bear, anyway this one is a nice tractor for the sprayer, plow, and the other 6 attachments I have for the 3-pt on it. also have 4 ac-b models and 4 ac-cmodels along with wd, wd-45, and 2 of the 440 4x4 jobbers along with ih 240, 404, 504, 560, etc. This cub does light work and the 340 utility is the tiller tractor and bush hoggin tractor.


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