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May 4, 2009
Southern VT
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<Snip>Those who have the gold make the rules.

Yep, SOP, just like forever. Money talks, _ _ walks.:confused3:

There is a recent thread somewhere on TBN about a guy who was driving a municipal government owned vehicle from home and got in an accident on the way to work, and he was hung up to dry by his employer while the victim looked to sue the city, him and anyone within spitting distance. Lots of cities hold themselves harmless against being sued, and get away with it, while the employee(s) get ground up. Must be nice if you can get away with it?!:confused3:


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May 10, 2006
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You can drink Propylene glycol. Several ounces at least without damage.. a few drops would certainly not hurt anyone. Not so with Ethylene Glycol. A few drops will kill a cat or dog. I don't know what the human dosage would need to be, but I ain't trying it.:eek:

I remember once father left a 5 gal pail full of used on the yard one summers day . Pet goat escaped and drank most of the pail throughout the day , never got sick and lived 5 years after that .