Coolant quick disconnects?

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Sep 12, 2010
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Is there such a thing as coolant quick disconnects? Getting ready to install the heater on my “new to me” cab and wondering if there is such a thing. Just incase I ever want to remove the cab or replace the heater without draining the coolant.

Hyd, air have them, why not coolant? I have a sneaking suspicion I am about to get schooled on how cooling systems work.
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They do make them, similar to hydraulic only brass, possibly available in stainless as well. It sounds like a good idea to me, just make sure you install the QC so they can be coupled together when the heater is removed..........Mike
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I bought a Ford p/u from a friend years back who was a logger. He had quick connects on the engine to preheat his 2 stroke skidder engine. I have no idea how he overcame the pressure and he has long passed away.
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Search SUMMIT Racing or Speedway Motors. Hot rod sites and they have all you need.
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The field tiling crew I worked with, tried warming the diesel motor on the trenching machine with a ford pickup diesel. It was a hassle, took a long time and didn't work very well.

The first problem was the jumper hoses. They took up a lot of "clean" space in the pickup and they leaked.

Second, by the time the connections were made, the truck had cooled off enough that even the hot line was only luke warm.

All this time, the crew is just standing around getting cold, impatient and grumpy.
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Check Swagelok. Ran into them about 15 years ago when we built a rig for a customer who tested tubes used in the AWAC planes. They needed 3 separate DI water cooling circuits through the tubes to cool them during the testing. We built the cabinet with flow controls and QD's for the water.
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Thanks all. Really appreciate the options provided. I’ll let you know what I end up selecting.