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Feb 7, 2005
Does anyone know when the cooling fan is suppose to come on for cooling the engine?

I have had this unit for about 2 years now and have never seen or heard the fan being activated yet. Temperature guage reads about 170 or so on the dash. I assume it comes on at a particular temperature but not sure. Or is it suppose to be on all the time?
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First, the electric cooling fan mounted on the engine compartment cover is for the hydraulic system oil. This electric fan is controlled by a thermostat attached to one of the lines that runs to the coil mounted below the fan.

I have an 1845 and when I am mowing (using the PTO hydraulic circuit) the electric fan typically comes on within about 10 minutes. If your fan never comes on I would check the thermostat, the fan relay, the fuse for the circuit, and the availability of power to the fan circuit. If all those check out then you need to check the motor that drives the fan.

The temperature guage on the panel on the 1430 shows engine oil temperature. The engine oil is cooled by a fan run by a belt drive for the alternator (the cooling fan is on the same shaft as the alternator). The engine fan speed is a function of engine speed. The flow of oil through the oil radiator is controlled by a thermostat
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The manual for my 1430 shows a 20amp. circuit breaker inline with the cooling fan. This circuit comes directly from the battery connection to the starter so it doesn't go through the ignition switch (i.e., the fan can run when the tractor is not running). After the circuit breaker, there is a thermal switch in series with the fan motor. This switch senses the temperature of the hydraulic fluid running through the line to the cooler. My fan doesn't run all of the time, but it does continue to run after the tractor has shut down. It usually runs on hot days when I have been grinding stumps for a few hours. If my memory serves me correctly, I believe that the temperature gauge on the operator's panel, senses engine oil temperature and feeds through the connector on the Duetz engine.

To trouble shoot, I would recommend the following:

1. Make sure that the fan blade turns freely.
2. Check the voltage on the ouput of the circuit breaker. If 12V is not present, the circuit breaker could have tripped or failed.
3. If there is voltage on the output of the circuit breaker, check to see if there is voltage on the input to the thermal switch and make sure the connections are tight.
4. Apply a jumper wire across the thermal switch and see if the motor turns.
5. If not, check for 12V at the motor. If 12V is present, the motor is either not connected or is bad.
6. Chances are that one of the slip-on connectors has come loose. Be sure to also check the ground connections.
7. All of the connections come out of a terminal box which is located on the left rear, inside of the enginer compartment. One of the screws on these terminals could have also come loose.

I hope this helps.
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It's true, that the guage on the panel is for engine temp.. However, if your engine temp is only getting up to 170 degrees, than your probably not working the tractor hard enough to bring hydraulic fluid temps up to where the fan would operate. My engine runs much hotter than that when I'm mowing, grinding stumps or even doing loader work in hot weather. Probably still a good idea to make sure the fan works and will work when you need it. FYI I did have to replace the thermostat last year.
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Thanks for the help and info from everyone. Very much appreciated.

I will check out the fan as soon as I get time.

I have noticed the hydraulic wheel motors do get quite hot when in this normal or would the fan kicking on help this?

I do not operate any attachments but the bucket at this time.
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I had that happen to me when I first bought my used 422. I ran it all summer with no fan. This didn't seem to do any damage but it got hot several times. I had a blown fuse. After replacing it the fan will come on 10 to 15 minutes into use every time. I believe you fan is just not coming on when it suppose to.
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When I run my 422, I check the fan after 15 minutes or so of running. If it is not on I check for a loose connector on the thermostat. The fan does run a lot.

Bob Rip
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A cooling fan not running after prolonged use would concern me. While it did take a lot longer to turn on in the mid teens that my 422 endured this winter...turn on it did!
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Okay... checked out the PT today and fuse was out. Replaced and operated machine for about 20 did not come on.

I then removed the two wires from the senor or thermostat? mounted on the oil cooloer and jumped them together. Fan came on. The fan comes on with the ignition on only, so it must not be wired directly from the battery.....contrary to what others have stated...wonder why? Anyway, perhaps the thermostat mounted on the cooler is bad?
Anyone know how to test this item? Appreciate everyone's input.