CR9040 Combine Problem

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Dec 7, 2004
Western Illinois
JD 3720
Just wondering if anyone on the board can provide any experience or knowledge about a problem.

I was riding in the combine this afternoon when everything started to go bad.
First the fan tail at the back clogged and we took out a chunk of steel about the size of your thumb and nearly a foot long. When we started up again the combine was throwing out a lot of corn cobs with half the corn on them.

We opened the left wing and took apart the concave. Turns out 4 of the fingers had been broken out. It looked to me like corn was falling through this huge hole.

Nothing but corn has gone through the combine and it looks to us like the fingers are breaking at the weld.

Of course that meant the end of harvesting today (way too much rain this fall and it was hard to accept stopping on a great day). In the morning we'll contact the dealer and see how much this part costs. My guess is that it will be $$$$.

I'm wondering if this is a known problem - the welds breaking.

Thanks for any information you can provide.