Craftsman Tire Won't Stay On

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Who knows if our new poster will check back or not. Maybe just wanted to vent frustration. Where the spindle pivots in the axle, (think kingpins) this should be perpendicular to the ground. When they cant rearward it is a sign of wear and or damage. No matter what is done short of correcting this, the steering will never be as good as new. Whether a Husqvarna or JD E, D, L series. I replace many of these axles. Even though this greatly improves the positioning, there is typically wear in the pocket where the axle sits. Some models, the support plates can be changed. The links aren't bendable with out extreme measures and even if you did, what are they going to hit / interfere with? Adjustable links, relocating the position of the draglink to correct the toe helps, but they won't steer correctly without the correct spindle positioning. It is obvious that this poster has things going on in addition to lock the steering.
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With a turnbuckle you could cut the bar between the
wheels put threads on them you would need to cut a
piece out and put the turnbuckle on and add some

The photo with the wheels pointed out remind me of
an old mexican driving a very old Cadillac down main
street with the wheels pointed out like your mower and
just squealing away don't know how far he got but sure
left a lot of rubber behind.

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I'm pretty sure that the OP has solved the problem in the last 5 years. However, having had the same problem myself in the past on my Husqvarna mower, I did simply drill through the axle and replace the E-clip with a cotter key. Nobody said that was going to be easy, but certainly do-able.