Crown fell off tooth

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Jun 11, 2020
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I asked my buddy....why not go to dentist. He reminded me, we live in the rural south and the notion of dentistry is just starting to get traction here.

Now Insurance.......I quit dental ins years ago for the reasons stated above.

A guy who worked for me for years was the only male in his family not to be a dentist, he went to business school. 3 brothers, 2 uncles, dad and granddad, and now his son, all in the same smaller town. They owned the dental industry in that town! Not that much competition there!

I was in the medical imaging business and have previously made the comment, the only medical procedure that has become less expensive is lasic eye surgery and according to the author, that's directly due to the fact that its not covered by insurance.

Insurance distorts a free market economy. I know for a fact that some....many? clinics have 2 separate price lists, 1 for those with insurance and 1 for those without.