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I put supposedly compatible Halogen replacement bulbs in the back-up lights for my Ford Explorer, over time they melted the plastic lens. I was surprised because backup lights in general don't get much use compared to driving lights.

You might want to get a cheap laser temp reader from Harbor Freight and compare the operating temp of the stock bulbs to the replacement ones. I have a feeling the headlight replacement lens from Bobcat isn't cheap......

I'm replacing the front and rear top of cab running lights with Cree LED units. That way there's no possibility of damaging expensive OEM parts.
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The factory bulbs has the 12v35w/35w P43T on them. Can't remember the name right off, but it wasn't Bobcat. It would seem reasonable that all 12v double 35watt bulbs with a P43T base would have the same heat output. I am not saying they do, just seems reasonable. We will see what happens.

I do have one of those Harbor Freight temperature guns, I'll check the old against the new when they come in and report back. I actually don't use my lights enough to warrant putting bulbs in but just like to keep things working.
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Received my bulbs yesterday and installed one a few minutes ago. Bulbs look identical to factory bulbs. Lights on for 10 minutes with Harbor Freight temperature gun shooting through the headlight lens I was able to get 109f at the hottest spot on the new bulb and 107f on the old on high beam. Gun won't read on the bulb. The new bulb is a little brighter than the old both on low and high beam. My first experience ordering from China. Ordered June 30th, received July 7th. Not bad including a holiday. I'm happy with it. :thumbsup:
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Sweet thanks for the report.