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Nov 1, 2022
Hey guys, new to the forum . I have a 2010 CT235 and I’m looking for part # 6697526- plate, meter which is the instrument panel. National BobCat warehouse has no stock but they did tell that the dealers have access to nation wide inventory of other dealers. My local dealer, with 5 stores, has none & I don’t think he went any further than that. Any ideas?

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Wow, not sure what that part is but not cheap. I know nothing about this company but do know they advertise a lot of parts. I suspect they are legit but do not know it for fact. 6697526 BOBCAT OEM PLATE, METER - PERIPARTS

Did a little digging and I see that is what I would call the instrument panel. I'll be interested in how you come out on this. My dash lights and hour meter have both went south on mine. Don't know whether hour meter problem is caused by instrument panel or some other controller.
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Thanks Winston1. I’ll check it out & let you know.
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Just checked Periparts & they say they have OEM unit. You hit the nail on the head regarding price, $465!
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What is wrong with your panel?