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Jun 7, 2014
Hilltown, PA
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Having posted in both the Cub Cadet forum, and the Tractor Buying forum, and been told only that the 7000 and 8000 series Cubs are really Mitsubishis (Mitsubishii?) I figured I would try here. Hopefully 3rd time is a charm . . .

"I've been shopping for a smaller tractor to do some grading and fence work around my house. I only have about an acre, and am already well equipped to mow, but as part of a pool renovation I will need to move 1 or 2 tri-axles worth of topsoil and have about 2 dozen post holes to dig.
I have been looking primarily at Deere and Kubota units because I'm familiar with Deere products, and have multiple Deere and Kubota dealers locally.
However there are 2 Cub Cadet 7235 units for sale near me. One is offered at $9500 with just a loader, no hours in the ad. The other has loader, backhoe, and says 54" belly mower, 1100 hours, asking $11,500.
They both look clean in the pics, and the prices are attractive. I do have Cub dealers in the area just a bit farther out. Are these decent units? Any known issues I should look for? Is durability comparable to the Deere/Kubota brands? And one final question - on the unit with the backhoe will I be able to dismount the hoe and use a 3-point and PTO to run a PHD?"

Also, at this point having read a fair amount of the Mitsubishi forum, I have to ask what I'm looking at as far as serviceability/repair/parts availability, and also resale value. My plan is to do the work I need to do and re-sell, hopefully recovering at least most of what I spent on the tractor in the first place.

Thanks for any opinions