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May 16, 2021
Hello all.
I have a Cub Cadet 7265 that someone did me the honor of extremely overheating the
engine to the point of cracked head and scored cylinders. looking for good used engine
to replace mine. Hard to find used parts or info on other engines that will fit. Any help
would be greatly appreciated.
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Wow, that's tough! I am not familar with Cub Cadets at all. That being said, just about anything is repairable, depending on whether or not you think it is cost effective. Are there salvage yards with a complete engine for sale? How mechanically inclined are you, sometimes you can save significant amounts of money on labor if you can do some of the work youreself. Without knowing how bad the cylinders are scored or how badly cracked the head is, sometimes a block can be bored and a cracked head can be repaired.
Good luck!
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Thank you for your response. I can perform all labor needs. I am finding it next
to impossible to find anything aftermarket or used for this tractor and new parts
cost are astronomical.
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I would guess that the difficulty you are having finding parts is a reflection of the quality of the tractor; if parts aren't needed, nobody is going to sell them. That being said, you might have to bite the bullet, and go the OEM way, once it is fixed, the tractor will be there as long as you need it, (if you keep it away from your "friends".
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It appears your CC 7265 has a Mitsubishi engine. I know the CC 7360 I owned a few yrs ago also had a Mitsubishi engine.


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