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Apr 30, 2001
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Does anyone have any good info on Cubs I just looked at a 7305 with a 476 loader on it for 18400. Is this a good price? Is this a good machine? THe dealer is local and they have been around for years! They might be able to come down on the price! Any problems with these units?
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I bought a 7260 with a 476 loader about 3 months ago, and it has been an excellent tractor. I have put in a lot of seat time so far at it has not let me down yet. I had about 4 acres cleared and there was a lot to clean out when they were done, and it has lifted and pulled a lot of weight, and has not backed down yet. And it does a great job mowing too. As for the price I paid 18,575 but that was with the 476 loader a finish mower and a brush hog. I would highly recomend the cub cadet, not a huge following on this board, but it is a damn good tractor. :)
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They gave a price for the 7265 with loader for 17700 with R4s and told me they don't sell may because of the small price difference in the 7265 and 7305!
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K Cook: It appears that ypu got a good price on the 7305.
Please list the dealer so that I can contact them as I am looking to buy my second 7305 in less than two years. I am a rookie as far as tractors are concerned but the 7305 I have with the 476 FEL and the 408 backhoe is more powerful than I could imagine.
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The dealer is Spratts Trading Post inc.
3000 State Road, Hillsdale MI 49242
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I have a 7265 and have been very happy with it. Just getting ready for the 200 hour serivce. No problems so far except gelling the fuel last winter. Hardly the tractor's fault!