Cub Lo Boy 154 needs new carb

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Jun 27, 2012
South Mountain, Pennsylvania
2002 New Holland TC35D with cab, a 2007 New Holland Skid Steer and a 1970's 154 Cub Lo-Boy, 2016 John Deere XUV 550 Gator
I have a 1974 Cub Lo Boy that I would like to put a new carb on. They range anywhere from $30 to $350. Anyone out there have any suggestions on which carb to buy ?

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don't put a new one on. Take the old one off and rebuild it. Probably just a clogged jet. If you're careful you can even reuse the gaskets. These things are steel, they last forever. Bad gas may gum them up but that's it. There's a million youtube's on rebuilding carbs. It only comes apart one way, and it only goes together one way. Keep track of the pieces and you should be able to do it no problem. I use carb cleaner or wd40 to clean the jets as well as a wire plucked from a wire brush.
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Don't put a new one o,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Do like ^ he ^ said unless you spring for the $$ OEM type. When the cheapie replacement go's bad there is no parts available to rebuild it.
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they are luni and it swells up and warps internally blocking the passages so kits are useless in the old body. Got 2 154's and 3 185's here and all have junk carbs! Just slap on a chimineese $30 dollar one and go!--order 3 so you get one that actually works!!! LOL!
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These aren't the Zenith like the Farmalls use?
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I'd try giving it a good cleaning and go from there unless something is broken. I have so many issues buying both large and small tractors with carbs gunked up I finally broke down and bought an Ultrasonic cleaner, and a gallon of Simple Green Pro HD cleaner (it's purple colored). Mixed with distilled water per directions and couldn't believe how well it did in just a 1/2 hour. Check with your buddies, or a small independent mower repair shop if they have one and see if they will clean it for you.

They are pretty simple to work on, if you've never torn one down take pictures as you disassemble along the way. Last one I did for myself was for my M-F TO 35, made it look nearly new. I did have to get an economy rebuild kit as the bowl gasket tore getting it apart. Didn't need the rest of the parts but it was $1 more than just a gasket so...