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Nov 25, 2016
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Branson 3725H Deere 5105
I got a grapple and it's extra weight (and CG farther out) makes the bucket flop on dump problem much more noticeable.

I see that LS owners have had good results adding an adjustable restriction in the curl line to slow the dump down a little so the inflow from the dump line can keep up.

I want to add it between the hard line on the loader arm and the hose. The connections there look like 3/8 JIC but in searching here I see some Bransons use 30 degree metric fittings. Anyone know for sure? I have an email out to my dealer too.

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What tractor? I have a 3520 and it flops too.
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3725. Rob from Daves' said that other customers have done the same thing. I ordered a 3/8 NPT 8 GPM PRINCE WFC-600 in-line flow control valve from surplus center and some NPT to JIC fittings. And a 1/4" flow control valve for the top cylinder on the 3pt. Sometimes I move the control lever a little too far and my chipper slams into the ground.
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Thanks for the info! My tractor’s from Dave’s. Good people. I put in an hydraulic top tilt on my 3ph. I font get why you’d need one for the rear. I adjust the 3ph knob to manage the drop speed and I do have a chipper as well.
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On my 2400H everything on the tractor is 30 degree metric or BSPP ports while the FEL is standard JIC & SAE ORB ports. Not sure if the other Branson models are this way or not.

I installed a counterbalance valve on my dump circuit so that I get the same dump speed under all conditions. I.e. forks or empty bucket
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A counterbalance valve is designed to prevent over center loads from running away. When installed correctly they will control the load or dumping bucket no matter what the load is or the speed desired to dump. You cannot dump the bucket without hydraulic power.

On a true load holding application like a man lift, these are usually set approx 30% higher than max rated load pressure. On my FEL I only wanted to prevent the floppy bucket so I set mine at the system relief pressure of 2500 PSI. I suspect that unless you have a large load on the forks or grapple a lower setting would probably suffice also.

Sun Hydraulics is the most common manufacturer of counter balance valves in the USA while Rexroth - Oil Controls is the largest manufacturer in Europe.

The attached Sun data sheet is just one of several different versions that Sun offers.

Connections are:
Port 1 or Cyl: connects to the end of the cylinder you want to control On FELS this is usually the rod end
Port 2 or valve: connects to the directional control valve
Port 3 or pilot: this connects to the opposite end of the cylinder or on FEL's the blind end of the cylinder.

I hope this limited explanation helps.


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Very interesting. I'd like to hear more about it too. I hadn't really noticed a "flop", but my bucket dump control is extremely touchy, hard to do a finesse dump. Is this what you mean by "bucket flop"?

I'd also like to see a write up and pics when you're done Eric, when you can get around to it.