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Jan 13, 2011
SW Michigan
John Deere 2320
Just an update on apparent availability. I was at my John Deere dealer today. It's a big dealership - one of about a dozen the bigger company owns - and would usually have a full range of utility tractors. Today they had one 1025, three 3032Es and three used compact tractors (one JD, one NH and one Kubota). No cabbed tractors except for the few large Ag machines.

Looks like the supply chain isn't filling up yet. Good news was filters and Hy-Gard were plentiful.
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Nice, we need J20C Hy-Gard in all of our Yanmars. :) It's the go to fluid. Yanmar TF500A is J20C as well.

Thanks for the heads up, we can still pillage the JD dealers of stock. LOL