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May 4, 2010
Jessup Mill, NC
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Hi Folks,

I've recently pulled a terramite t5 from 1985 from under a collapsed barn. The engine is gone and pretty much all the hydraulics, except the slew cylinders and torque motor.

The machine is in good shape, I've had it sandblasted and it's no repainted and I'm getting the engine situated...hydraulics are next.

Can anyone provide a list of cylinder sizes? I can measure an see what fits from Surplus Center, but I'd really like to know what Terramite thought should be there...So if anyone has replaced cylinders, what sizes did you put where? Or anyone that could take a few minutes and measure the specs on the loader, stabilizer and boom/arm/bucket cylinders, I'd be grateful.

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I got a 96 if you think there the same I'd be happy to mea sure them up for you this weekend
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Thanks bub55, it's my understanding that the cylinders should be broadly compatible across the many years of production. If nothing else, I can use your measurements to compare against any other difference in the specs of our machines...but I think they're pretty much the same anyway.

With your input, I'll post a thread that offers folks a source/cross reference for folks that can't spring for parts from the manufacturer.

I look forward to your response and really appreciate you using some valuable spring time to help me!
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Here's a few pictures of my project. Glad you're not any closer to NY, I'd have to lock the garage!!!!Terramite_1.jpgTerramite_2.jpgTerramite_3.jpg
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AGJones - do you still need these measurements? I need to replace the throttle cable on my tractor, so I should have an opportunity this week or next.
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Ive got a T7 I need the measurements on the crowd cylinder if anyone has them.