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Sep 24, 2018
JD 870
I’ve got a JD 790 with a 3tne82a engine with only 539 hours that has a cylinder not working. the tractor started running poorly. so after checking for obvious issues i tried cracking the injector lines one at a time . on cylinder 3 it made no difference in the way the engine ran. i swapped injectors and the problem did not follow the injector . my next step is a compression test. has anyone experienced this issue.
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Stuck valve?
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When you cracked the lines, did you get fuel at each one?

Do you have the service tech manual?
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yes , loosening cylinders 1and2 fuel feed lines the engine nearly cuts off
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yes i have manual .
175 psi in #3 cylinder cranking engine over
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175 PSI seems low for a diesel, did you check the other cylinders for a comparison?