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Jan 11, 2017
Hudson Valley, NY
1947 Ford 2N, 75 MF 30B, 75 Swinger Loader, 1979 Cat D3
I purchased an old Ford what I think is a 2N tractor a few years ago. It came with a dearborn plow with all the cables etc. I have never had it on the tractor. It is now time to sell off this wonderful piece of equipment & I thought I would put the dearborn on it as a selling feature. I have no idea as to how this gets installed, I think I have the front of the cables figured out, but have no idea where the rear of the cables go. I have looked on the web for photos, but they either seem to be blurry right where I want to see, or in shadow so not much help. I have seen photos of how the rear arms go over the 3 pt arms, but I was wondering if there are any install instructions out there?

Thanks in advance for any & all help.
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Like this?


dearborn front plow - Yesterday's Tractors

Ford Tractor Dearborn Snow Plow - YouTube

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Thank you all. This was super helpful. Next question is there still interest out there to buy these plows? I don't see them listed much, so either they are awesome & people can't bear to part with them, or they aren't so good so no one bothers to try & sell them
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I'm sure there is still some interest, but not like it was ten years ago. You may have better luck selling the plow as it gets closer to winter. It will be a tougher sell if you don't have all the mounting brackets.
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I've had a couple of those plows in the past. With rear ballast and good tire chains they will make an awesome little snow mover out of an N.
Ford did build two different blades for the universal plow frame. One was called a dozer blade. It was lower and did not have the trip springs on the plow.
The snow plow was taller, had trip springs and has more value. Actually, they also made a V plow for them. Kinda rare but not nearly as versatile.
Yes there would be some interest in it. Lots of Ns out there and that plow beats a back blade by a long shot for moving snow.
Just a S.W.A.G here but you should be able to get $500 for it pretty easily - IF - it is the true snow plow and all the brackets and cables are there and in good condition.
It should sell fairly well any time of year but if as said, you advertise it in October it would probably sell quickly.
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How bout some pictures there loaderman??
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Homework assignment.... Been a long time since I had one of those...
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Yes Kirk-NJ, I've actually watched that video already & found it very helpful.