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Mar 20, 2019
we need a tractor for our remote hunting/atv cabin about 4 hours away from home.

i got a JD stx38 from a friend of mine on a trade. black deck, newest set of serial numbers... basically traded him some used atv tires that i could have gotten $75 for. i put on a new drive belt, fixed the seat saftey switch, new battery, tire tube, and added a headlight. probably forgetting something, but i know that all in, including the pretend $75, im at $150. from what im seeing online i could sell it for $300-400 quite easily.

another friend just posted an lt180 to facebook mktplace. asking $350 with 900 hours on it. it looks clean, says it runs well(havent seen it but he is a decent friend of mine) and needs nothing.

im trying to decide which direction to go in. keep the stx or buy the lt180 and sell the stx. idk what i could get for the stx.

my main thing is reliability. i certainly like the 1' wider cut, and the idea of hydrostatic is awesome, but the most important factor is that when the thing breaks down, its not a fix it in place thing... i dont have time(let alone many tools or electricity) up there to fix it, it needs to get pushed onto a trailer and brought home for anything more than an oil change or a carb rebuild. im wary of hydrostatic as ive had a couple mowers fail, and it seems like that means it is a situation where a new more is a better decision than fixing it.

any input would be great. THANKS!!!!
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900 hours seems like a lot for a lawn tractor, I can't seem to get more 350 hours out of one with good maintenance..
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G'day Mate and welcome to TBN from Downunder.

Here's a reference site for you to compare the two tractors you're considering: url - John Deere lawn tractors[/url]

Enjoy the site.
many thanks! im all over it. i definitely like the features on the lt180. enough that i picked it up. it runs really well. no issues that i could hunt down other than a cracked hood(repaired by PO) and a seat switch that was loose and taped down. definitely would like to fix that. ive seen too many horror stories.. time to look into the standard maintenance i need to do on it. i just need to figure out the reliability of the 2 and see which one im keeping and which one i sell.. need to dig up a service manual if i decide to keep it. found one for the stx38 really quickly for free. this one seems more difficult.

900 hours seems like a lot for a lawn tractor, I can't seem to get more 350 hours out of one with good maintenance..
i agree completely. i suspect the key got left on at some point. cause it really doesnt seem like it has that many hours at all.

many thanks for the replies!
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so now that i picked it up... on to preventative maintainance....

my biggest concern is far and above the transaxle. any info on how to find out what version it is, if it is serviceable, and directing me towards info on changing the fluids would be great. ive seen talk about going to synthetic 5w50. im pretty mechanically able. based on these 2 vids id have zero problem dropping the thing and replacing the pump/motor.. but im thinking either a drain/refill would be sufficient if im not having issues. i did see something about bleeding the fluid afterward as well. assuming i fill it up, then run it for a bit, and then drop the whole thing again and top it off?

seems like everyone recommends synthetic 5w30 of your liking. i have some supertech dino 10w30 laying around that i currently have no use for... wouldnt mind using that up, but if synthetic is considerably better, id absolutely prefer to pony up the money for synthetic. i saw some say that straight 30 weight is better if you are using dino.

seems like there were 2 engines offered on the lt180. FH500V-AS32 and the FH500V-BS32. idk where i can figure out which i have, or if it really even matters.