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Jul 22, 2006
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After spending many hours on the net trying to figure out how to decode my Ford 4610 I believe it was assembled December 07 1983. According to the second pic the serial number may indicate its an "84" (why two different serial num in each model year). Is any of this correct? What else can be determined from the tag?


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From what I read for the Tisco s/n chart, it is a 1983 under that as well as the 1984 doesn't start until s/n C713459.
Also, your tractor is a November model as Ford did not use "I" in the month coding, so "L" is November and "M" is December.
The "true" model number is depicted in the model code. DA3 says it is a 4610 all purpose, 3rd in the series. 1 says it is diesel shipped as vertical exhaust. 4 says it is independent PTO. C says it is an 8 speed transmission (4 x 2).
The other date codes on the components indicate the date they were assembled, but not usually meaningful as the main tractor date code is what is used in the parts book for dating purposes.
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1984 doesn't start until s/n C713459

I know its not really important but what about the next line down in the chart where it says 1984 starts with C707400. Every year in the chart is like this. Just wondering why there are two different starting serial numbers for the same year.
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Sorry, I didn't read down the chart. Since the chart was put together by TISCO, I would assume it is a typo. Many sources on the internet for this information, but probably most complete. The s/n gives a quick generality.
The date code is what nails it and you interpreted it correctly with the exception of the month which is a common mistake to make.