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Oct 14, 2019
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case 580ck
Can anyone answer this ....
Instruction to set Injector Pump timing says... (general desc.)
1. Set to TDC #1 cylinder (compression stroke)
2. Insert Locking Pin into flywheel
3. Remove Injector Pump side plate to validate timing marks are aligned. If not, rotate pump housing to align.
Q. If engine is at TDC, and injector pump marks are aligned, does this mean the static timing (for End of Injection) is actually at 0-deg?
If so, does the timing immediately advance upon engine start to around 8-deg at idle?
Is this arrangment to facilitate easier starting?

The basis for my question(s) is to understand the difference between setting the timing on the Case 188D and the Deere 239D/T.
Instruction for the Case is to rotate engine to 8-deg BTDC then align injector pump marks! This means the Case starts at 8-deg BTDC.

I do note however, the Case DBGFCC431 pump doesn't have a timing advance adjustment screw but the Deere DB pump does.
Do pumps with the adjusting screw have a kind of 'dual advance'? (ah! .... another question :))

While i'm 'at it here', does anyone have, and can share, factory specs. for these pumps .....
(I found a few factory 2 page pdf docs on the web but are for different configs)
Lookg for .....
DBGFCC431-43AF ( Case)
DB2-4451 (Deere)

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Some older case engines time to TDC..
Some time to 8*..
As far as advance screws uses shims in the spring piston inside the pump..
On Case equipment, there is an access hole to the flywheel to find your degree marks.. above the starter I believe..
AND DONT FORGET.. the timing marks(Case) & the hole in the flywheel (Deere) WILL COME UP 2x..
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I am working on a JD 5310 and have to replace the inj pump with some another pump and need to know the timing ?
I put some compressed air in the no inj pipe and the pump locks up on 30° BTDC.
So I beliefe the timing is 30° BTDC
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Or if you messure the piston before TDC it wil be 7/8' or 22.22mm
Following up on my results ...
The Deere 239 timing pin (flywheel) is at tdc. So this motor's pump is timed to 0 deg.
The 188D case i worked on was timed to 8 deg btdc.
Both motors are running well currently.
I'm no expert but 30 deg sounds wrong to me.
I've had some feedback that the compressed air method is not at all reliable so be careful there.
What i did discover with the 2 DB pumps i was 'playing with' was .....
..... looking down the #1 injector hole on the pump
..... rotating in 'usual' rotation, 2 small drillings in the rotor can be seen 'around injection time'. These 2 drillings are only a few degrees apart.
...... I noticed when the 'leading edge' of the 2nd drilling is 'exactly' at the half way point (center of #1 injector hole) ..... the timing marks align.
I'm not familiar with the your JD model/pump ..... but this method is not possible with DB2 pumps as the injector outlets are on the back of the pump so the 'rotor' with the drillings is not visible.
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DL.. have u removed the side cover window and rotated the drive shaft to see if there’s a timing mark on the weight retainer.??
Is your pump dr. shaft keyed.?
Sorry for the questions but I don’t have the specs. in front of me..
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Ok !
My plan did not work !
Yes it is keyed
I did change the timing (moved the gear some teeth?
Our ingeneering have an engine simmilar to this one awiating the injector pump so I will be able to go and check with the timing is on that engine.
Will report back.