Delivery from Tazewell?

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May 4, 2010
Jessup Mill, NC
Rk55HC 4n1 fel/bh, Power-Trac 1850, 425d, Terex pt30, Kubota kx033, bx1880, yanmar 8x8 dumper, Magnatrac mh5000 w/ loader, six way blade & backhoe, Dew-eze ATM72LC Slope Mower, Terramite t6 4wd, DR Power brush mower
Increasingly, during the winter, I'm repurposing and customizing small equipment and attachments... This sends me scurrying all over to round up candidates and parts.

I'm willing to pick up from power trac and deliver attachments to the nearest fastenal in Bluefield WV for shipment or if along one of the routes I travel deliver a machine or attachments directly to a buyer.

I can also carry a machine or attachments to Tazewell for repair/rebuild.

Example : Detroit is coming up, dc area is tomorrow. I'll be empty all the way there... $ idk... Less than power-trac shipping.

If you might be interested, reach out.