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Dec 7, 2004
Western Illinois
JD 3720
I have a 5 year old 3520 that has always been shedded. Of course everyone is convinced their machine is in perfect condition and has always been well treated. In my case that is actually true, but probably won't have much bearing on the potential trade.

I am currently talking with a dealer about the possible purchase of a 3720 with cab and they have given me a reasonable purchase price on the 3720 and will get back to me on the trade in value of the 3520.

My question is what kind of depreciation should I expect on a 3520 open station, e-power reverser, power beyond, 300 CX Loader, 425 hours. What should I expect for a reasonable trade in value for my 3520? I always hear the reason a person wants a Deere is because of the great resale value and hope that holds true in this case. Guess I will find out soon.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.
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Very popular tractor. Tractor house has four pages of examples. Non hydro may be a deduct as most of these compacts have the three speed hydro. With a loader retail may be in the 16-18k range. The dealer has to make a profit so they may be in the 13 range if they discounted the 3720. I would try a private sale first as this machine has a huge following. Cabbed versions bring near new value with low hours and good condition. Good luck. You will really enjoy the cab on the 3720.
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I may be interested in buying your tractor, could you send me a PM?
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Just to give you an idea of retail, I just bought my tractor - '05 3520 with 520 hours. It has the 300 CX and a 60" 7-Iron mmm. A4 tires, hydro, etc. It's super clean! Paid $19k for it from the local dealer.

I'd list yours on Craigslist first to see what kind of outright sale price you could get on it rather than trading it in.
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1st price your tractor that might help you decide what yours is worth.being a 2008 id say your tractor is worth $10,000 less than the new price.i gave $24,000 for a mx5100 hst 4x4 with la844 quicktatch loader in oct 2010 with traded it for a 2013 7040SU rops 4x4 1153 i got $18000 for the i lost $6000 on the trade.