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What do you guys do with your antifreeze when you drain it? Recycle center, or something? When I change my oil, I take the old back to Walmart for recycling, but I don't know about antifreeze.

Look for some automotive repair shops. They normally have a drum set up for coolant disposal like used oil

Edit: And while we're at it, is there some primer somewhere on how to flush your radiator? :) I was looking at the Peak web site and see they sell a "flush and fill kit"..... Do I need something like that or do I just fill it up with distilled water and then drain it?
Lots of video on how to flush coolant.
But if simple is key then drain, refill with distilled water run engine until operating temps are up (to allow T-stat to open up) then cool down a bit and drain again.
Repeat until majority of coolant is gone or no longer see much coolant tint in water.
Once done refill with 50/50. Or if concentrate is available then add half of total quantity and rest with distilled.
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Quite often when I'm draining mine and the flushes I will either pull the thermostat or a heater hose if equipped with one and use my air hose to blow out the block and heater core.
I always start out by putting in at least half the cooling system capacity in full strength coolant before starting to add water or diluted coolant.
I try to run at least 60% coolant, that way if something happens and I have to add the strength stays up.
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Awesome, thank you YLee.
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Is RO water as good as distilled for coolant system use?
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It could be depending on the RO system.
It will be much better then most tap water.
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RO water will remove TDS unless you want to remove fluoride for the tractor you should be good to go.:thumbsup::D