Diesel mixed with gas

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I wouldn’t throw that ratio of gas on a burn pile. Pouring half of the mix into a gasoline vehicle wouldn’t hurt anything. Or if you have waste oil disposal just pour it in that.
What's wrong with that ratio? Better to put it to use than throw it away.
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Its 37% of the vehicles that there tanks were filled with it
don't work!

1973 I do believe was the year polution crap was installed
on half ton not the three quarter

I don't believe we will ever see the company that was going to
make regular gas from lp will ever be in production!

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What's wrong with that ratio? Better to put it to use than throw it away.

Gas is too volatile to safely be used to start fires. It can be done sure but as a general suggestion putting gas on fires isn’t a good idea. Just 1 gallon of diesel in a 7.5 gallon mix won’t be enough to change the volatility. I wouldn’t have any hesitation to add that mix in my gas vehicle with a 40 gallon tank. I was being even more cautious when I suggested just adding half of it at a time.
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Whatever you say. We've used straight gas for forestry burns for as long as I can remember.
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Not worth risk using except to start burning pile.
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Dad and I ran out of gas on a farm truck when I was kid about 15 miles from a station in the middle of a field. We had some diesel so dad poured about a gallon in the tank. He started the truck and played with the ignition timing till it ran half decent.

We drove it to the station and topped off with gas, set the timing and that was that. I would not hesitate to burn it in an older vehicle.
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makes good fire starter for brush piles
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All of you are wrong.
I’d use it as a starter for burning brush piles.