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Oct 22, 2009
i am looking at picking up a plow for my 3185. im getting a good price on it but im concerned about the open rearend. i have wheel weights and chains for it. i was watching some youtube videos of older cubs, a 1864 in particular, and both rear wheels appear to be spinning. i know these tractors didnt have a dif lock, but do they have a limited slip unit in them? if so, this would be really nice for plowing. my 3185 definately slips pretty easily when things get slick and im considering trying to trade for an 1864. i really want to use this thing to its potential, but if the 1864 has an ls unit, id be more inclined to go with that.
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No, an 1864 doesn't have limited slip (I don't believe any Cubs do) and no diff lock. Your 3185 would plow about the same as an 1864, in fact I think the 3185 might be a bit heavier.
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the 3185 weighs 700lbs without a deck. some of the videos i was watching seem to show both wheels on the 1864s spinning. guess it was a trick of the camera or something. thanks for the reply
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I don't know of any lawn/garden tractor with a limited slip rear end. They're either an open diff or (high end models) have a lockable differential.

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thats all ive seen, but just figured id ask.
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It's possible for an open diff to spin both rear wheels if they both have equal traction.
I'm not sure how your breaks are set up, but if there are individual brakes on the rear you could set it up with 2 brake pedals so you could depress the brake on which ever wheel is spinning.