Discount on new Kubota BX25D?

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Huh? Nothing that Kubota offers is better than he cash price. Financing costs $ Please post your order form.. Thanks..
The difference was $1000 on cash vs finance.
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Bought a BX25 today from Barlows. It's on the way from the factory and should be in any day. There is a factory incentive program with buying an additional implement valued at $500 which is the discounted price for a Landpride Boxblade which ends up about free but shows $500 cost and Barlows normally sells for around $700.
May have a BB for sale for $500 later :D which Steve Barlow said is around or below his cost. Cost $17200 total out the door or #16700 for the BX25. The additional purchase may even be having something to do with getting the 0% for 60 mo. The bb may be offsetting not getting the rebate for cash buyers.
Traded my B2620 FEL BH with 73 hours in toward the BX25 which I'm financing 100% at the 0% for 60 Mo with no down payment. Hunting for a Toyota MR2 now with the cash equity that I'm getting back on the B2620.:D I asked Steve if he'd take $18000 for my trading in B2620 FEL BH 73 hours that I bought new and have always kept in the garage, except when using it and he said he would but may go up once he gets it on his lot. Bargain for a near new B2620 FELBH one owner that you know who they are they can anser any questions about it and it's full service at 50 hours that I did. If you'd rather have it than the one you own, then it's also for trade, call Steve.
The Kubota insurance seemed high and I checked this evening on a Equipment Marine rider for my commercial insurance for the tractor and it seems higher for less coverage than the Kubota ins so will probably add the insurance to the 100% 0% 60 month financing. It has already been added to the proposal so I'll probably go with the proposal. I know, it's not exactly 0% because I won't get back the $500 or $750 rebate but needing the cash equity to buy a Toyota MR2 sure makes it the best way for me to go, when I find the MR2 I'll have the cash.