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Oct 18, 2005
Catt county New York
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Well I called my dealer last week to see what my 2 year warentee covered. I've had the tractor for21 months and the seat broke. The sheet metal on the bottom has a nut welded inside it where it bolts to the tilt bracket. It pulled through and the seat sits crooked. Well, it is a covered part and they are ordering me a new one.

One concern I have is that the seat has 4 attachment points in the base but the brackets only attach to 2 of them, Do I have the wrong brackets and does this put too much stress on the seat, would I be better off welding an extension on the bracket to allow for 4 bolts?
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I guess no one looked under their seat.
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ToadHill said:
I guess no one looked under their seat.
Actually I have looked under my seat.
I have even had the seat off and did a few modifications to put on a differant seat a couple years ago (wanted a seat with armrests).
I have CRS, Simply can't remember what was there.
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