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fred saas

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Nov 22, 2023
Elberta Alabama along the Gulf coast
new holland ford 445C
Does it matter if I use Rotella 15-40 t4 @ $25 or t6 @ $45 in my nh ford 445C?
I added this edit after the above: The diesel engine oil spec for my 30 year old fine hard working iron reads, API min quality CD, USA Military spec., MIL.-2104C or preferably, API quality SF/CD. USA Military spec. MIL.-L-2104D. Oh boy, anyone? I just hope I can spend $24 for t4, Dino, instead of $45 for t6 synthetic.
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I looked at the thread title and I thought it was amount female deer. 😂
There should be an oil spec for your tractor in the owner's manual. Any oil that meets that spec should be fine.
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I'm guessing the Rotella T4 is Dino & the T6 is full synthetic.
Two gallons of Walmart's Super Tech Diesel oil is $24 and you'll never notice a difference.
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Whatever .... I have dozens of HF items in both my shops .... along with a queue of Super Tech 5 qt. containers of oil.
Never had issues with either.