Dogs wondering off to die?

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Nov 23, 2006
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Anyone with experience on this? How far have they gone? I've heard that this is commonl and am now trying to find ours. Diesel our English Mastiff is 10 years old and really took a down turn this last week. Yesterday breathing was heavy and would not eat so we made an appointment for the vet today to have him put down. Even dug the hole yesterday. This morning when we woke up he was gone. I've covered a lot of ground today looking but unfortunately no luck so far.
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I don't know myself buy I would like to know. Our dog is 10 years old and in his last days. On meds and surpassingly in no pain. We are keeping a good eye on him.
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I'm sorry for your loss. Yes, I have heard of this. My wife's dog lived by a fairly busy road. He never went in the road, but one day when he was really old, he just walked out in front of a car. My wife's VERY old cat was safely in the barn and never left. One day it walked out to her - seemed to be saying bye - and then walked away for good. I'm guessing it was looking for a predator to end what was probably suffering.
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Many years ago, I had a black labrador that would have wandered off if she could have gotten out of the house. She was old and her health was failing. On the day she died, she kept getting up and wandering from spot to spot in the house, could tell she was searching for a way out. I kept telling her she was "ok" and "a good girl", she finally laid down and convulsed, and that was it.

I hope you find her Jeremy.
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I am so sorry for your loss! I am on my second English Mastiff and they are the best dogs! Our first one raised our 3 boys and was so much a part of all of our family.

The one we have now we rescued from an abusive home. He has quite a few fears but has improved to a happy functioning doggie! Great Dog.
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I'm sorry for your loss. I still miss our english mastif, Large Marge.
I too have experienced a dog wandering off to meet his maker. Not sure why, maybe they lose their sense, maybe they think they're taking one more walk on their terms.
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Sorry to hear that.

My guess is probably didn't get far, but may of hid himself pretty well. Had a friend this happened to and his dog hid himself behind a log.
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Similar to Sigarms, my best guess is that old dogs get dementia, wonder off, and can't get back home. People do it all the time.
Good luck finding Diesel
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Well unfortunately no luck today. Walked for several hours. Will make another attempt tomorrow and search all of the ditches that run the property. He has never not been here at the house and even though we have 50 acres was always within 100 yards of home. I'm assuming he was looking for a final resting place away from the house and don't think he was confused. After 10 years as a family protector and companion I feel bad leaving him to the elements. I won't loose any sleep over it as I know it's natures way but it's bothering my wife pretty bad.
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We had a German Shepard mix that walked off one evening down a ravine and just laid down; he wouldn't get up for anything. We had to carry him back up to the house where he seemed fine; a few weeks later he climbed into the bath tub, laid down and passed away. Good luck with yours.