Downsizing. Any Takers?

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Mar 11, 2007
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Gents. I'm trying to get rid of a bunch of welding crap. I'm moving toward a life of leisure and was wondering if anyone was interested in some extras. The 1st thing I want to liquidate is assorted sized of S.A.E and Metric Carbons. Not for Carbon Arc but for hole repair in all metals. I used to do a lot of Motorcycle ATV bolt eye and bearing case repairs on the side for the bike shops in my area. I have a lot of carbons from 10mm - 1.5". I'd have to get an exact number but I would send these out for free if someone was willing to pay postage. I'll post another list of stuff as I pull it out and sort it.

((((( The Carbons Have Been Claimed. Thanks. )))))
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I'd love to have them. I have had to to these types of repairs before and always have to go to the welding shop and find the one size I need.
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Well if bigbarn doesnt get them then I'll take them, been doing more repair/ resto work lately.