DPF De-rating issues

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Mar 22, 2023
2021 X1.35 McCormick
Hello all, looking for some additional advice. I have a 2021 X1.35 McCormick Tractor. It does not get used often during the winter months, but when I do use it I was not keeping the throttle up where I should have. Now that I am trying to use it more often, I am trying to keep the throttle at full, however and it will not stay at 2500 rpm for very long before it starts de-rating down to 1500-1800 rpm. I removed the DPF filter and cleaned it the best I could, and put it back, it still does the same thing. One shop I called said that it needs to regen and I should try that 2-3 times, but I thought it needed to be at full rpm to reach the correct temperature for a regen. Today I let it run full throttle for about 2 hours, but it only went to 1500-1800 RPMs. What do I need to do now?
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Hello and welcome to TBN.

That tractor is just a rebranded Branson 3520 or 3725. Which means it uses the Kukje/Cummins mechanically injected engine, which also means there is no electronics on it and no way for it to derate.

I say your issues is most like fuel or air related. Have you check your air and fuel filters? How long it has been changed?