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Jan 18, 2004
east TN
Power-trac 422 2003 model and 428 January 2015 model
I am told that the larger pts have draft control. Has any one added this to their 425 or 422? Does anyone have any info about this? I am looking to do this but don't want to start from scratch. I mow some pond slopes and I have to manually put weight on the tractor to keep it from wanting to work its way down hill. Any and all comment, advice, or suggestions appreciated. Guys I know we can do this but one has to weigh the need for it. I may not need it as bad and I want it but draft control would be handy on the side of hills when the level changes or you hit a dip.
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My guess would be it is $$ impractical. Also, from my experience, the slope capabilities of the 425 with the Kohler like mine is 25 degrees due to the oiling system in the engine, not that the tractor won't hold it. Operating the Kohler at angles over 25 degrees will cause damage, according to their literature.

As for actually doing it, sounds like a hefty task for the hydraulically inclined. I will be interested to see the suggestions you get. Like you said, <font color="blue"> one has to weigh the need for it. </font> If you do, go for it! /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif
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When I purchased my 422 I asked power trac about draft control on the 422 and they said they had made one for someone that had a 425 to try but they had not had any feed back on how it was working . If you talked to Terry at power trac he could probably give you some information.
I agree with you it would be nice to have as I also do a lot of mowing on steep slopes.
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Pt makes a kit for draft on a 425 or any PT for about $550 or $600. You can install in a couple hours. MR is correct, PT does not offer as standard because engine can only tilt 25 deg. A draft control or weight transfer system, takes high pressure from the tram pump and passes it thru a pressure reducing/releaving valve to adjust to attachment weight then sends to a 4-way two position solenoid valve, to select on and off. The solenoid blocks flow until energized, then sends adjusted pressure to the bottom of the lift cylinders and connecting the top of the lift cylinders to tank. This allows the arms to act like a giant spring lifting on the attachment and pushing down on the front wheels, thus transfering weight from the attachment to the front wheels. This is what holds the PT 1850 on a 45 degree slope.
All our land is river bottom turned on it's edge!
Slope mowers with draft is a must for us.
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Thanks a bunch. Very good information. That is where i'll start