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Oct 18, 2005
Catt county New York
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Well I got the grandsons out this weekend to help plant. We had 80 Blue berry bushes and 100 Raspberries to plant. After we doug holes for the 80 blue berries and had them planted we got some lunch.

As we were going out to plant 100 raspberry bushes I thought lets try the middle buster plow and just trench the ground then cover the roots. Wow Had those 100 bushed done in less than 45 minutes. Not if I'd only thought of that for the 80 blue berry bushes we planted this year and the 100 we did last year.

I'm sure the grandkids will remind me next year before we get started.
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If you are like me you better hope the grand kids remember because I won't...
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Im glad that worked out. we were told to plant our blueberrys on hilled up dirt so that their roots wouldnot get rotted. they are doing awesome this year, and i am really llooking forward to picking our own, we go through so many.
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Hey at least you thought of the middle buster when the job was half done vs completely done!! :laughing: