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May 20, 2004
Big Island, HI
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Not a successful day with my tractor, Case DX35 So when I went to start it, the starter clicked, just like a low battery. Tried jumping, but no luck. Put the charger on overnight even though battery showed 12.5 vdc. Today all I got was a single click. Cleaned and tightened the posts and connections. Cleaned and remounted the ground cable. Nothing, not even a dashboard light. Pulled ignition switch. Didn't appear corroded, but clean it any way. Contacts showed a little wear on contact surfaces. I did read voltage on two wires at the connection. Makes me wonder if I can jump a pair? Of course not growing up jacking cars, not something I'm familiar with. At this point I'm at a loss what to check or how, but thinking this has to be electrical. Any ideas?
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Anyone know where the various fuses are located?
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dont know where the fuses are located on that tractor but if you are hearing clicks - i dont think its a fuse issue -- but nearly all things with battery starters can be easily jumped to start without the key. (for safety police) with tractor in neutral, parked, wheels chocked, parking brake on , key in run position - take a piece of insulated wire or screwdriver , jump the starter terminals that has the big red wire ( your battery power for turning the starter) and to the other terminal with small wire usually red too ( key power in start position) . your starter should turn. if it clicks like before -- you most likely have a bad solenoid on your starter ( the little bump out part on starter) hopefully you can swap out the solenoid instead of replacing the whole starter.
if the starter turns --- you probably got grounding issue or wire problems somewhere .. but i doubt it.
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Well, egg on my face LOL
Turns out is WAS the battery.
After checking the seat switch (bypassed) I figured heck, check the battery voltage one more time. Vacillated between 6 and 7 volts aha
Swapped in the battery from my diesel pump (12.7) and it started right up.
You'd think a cheap Walmart battery dated 11/09 would last longer!!!!!!