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May 20, 2004
Big Island, HI
LS XR4140H (Mine) BX2380 (wife’s)
Headed out to look at a 2007 DX35, 330 hrs, LX116 loader, 1 yo Woods BB60x cutter - $15K. Comments?
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Well, drive an hour, discussing with wife, listing the pro's and con's - leaning toward pitfalls of used vs new. Thinking but what if it had rear remote?

Get there, perhaps a tad more weathered than in my mind, but not only has rear remote, but bob tach type loader!!!!! Can use my forks etc. Check back on TBN, no negative comments posted.

Discuss getting delivery included in price because he has the hauler. He wants $150 to haul, about hour each way. Wife suggests I'll regret walking away, so it's a deal - $15k delivered tomorrow.

Now spend hour drive home reviewing why it's a good deal. More tractor than I was looking for my budget$, all my implements will fit, big time local Case dealership, wife excited about running the CK30 and not disappointed about not getting shiny new smaller one.

Tractor gets delivered tomorrow, pay the cash balance (gotta avoid da man). Try and get a pic or two to post here. Remove Woods cutter and remount my flail. Hopefully my yet to be used hydraulic top link is right length. I'm so behind in mowing, hope the sun shines and I'll have a great weekend.

Still appreciate any comments, pro or con, suggestions.

Guess I'm on the red team :)
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Congratulations. Have a DX 35 myself with FEL. Sounds like you got a pretty good deal.
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Got my "new DX35 delivered today, Definitely different than my CK30mI'm so used to. Mowed about 1/2 hour. Wife commented she thought it was quieter. Here are 2 quick pics. For those concerned, the ROPs is back up in position. Tomorrow I hope to mount my flail, see if my hydraulic toplink fits and get some serious mowing done.

So far I like it :thumbsup:


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After you get that top link installed, you will need a hydraulic side link for your new beast. :thumbsup:
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Good one Brian, but first I'd have to figure how to add more remotes, only a single :(
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You obviously have a lot of experience with tractors and loaders. I would make one recommendation and that is to get a brush protector for your front end. There is not much of substance around that front end. I know from experience as they back ordered my guard and I pushed the front mesh in before getting it put on. Knew better than to do what I was doing but did it anyway. Good luck. and let us know about your remote hook ups.
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To be honest, any expertise is from applying want I gleaned from the experts here at TBN.

Yes, I figure I might make some sort of guard, both this tractor and my Kioti. Don't have any trees or even heavy brush, so not as much damage potential. When doing a lot of dirt pile stuff I did find myself driving front of tractor into the pile when stacking high.
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Well, I did it.

Took some time with the manual, got familiar with the differences between this DX35 and my Kioti CK30. No clutch, brake pedals on left, forward and reverse pedals vs treadle, just a few. Really like the DX suspension seat.:thumbsup:

Took off the Woods rotary cutter and mounted my flail mower. Had just bought a hydraulic toplink for my CK30, but hadn't used it due to an installation challenge with the rear remotes, so figured I could use it on the DX35, length seemed about right. After getting everything together I'm ready to go mow.

Guess I didn't understand the PTO difference and promptly snapped the shear bolt :mad:. Luckily, I had a spare. I really dislike this PTO shaft. Not sure what the model is called, but the shear bolt is on the side and holds the piece that slides over the spline to the shaft. Have to say in 10 months use, i've busted more of these bolts than all my other implements together in 5 years.
If I ever replace it, I just might go with a slip clutch.

So how different is it to use same mower on different tractor? Well, it is different:confused: for starters I had the flail set up as offset to my right to get close to the fences, but still covering my wheel track. DX has 68.5 " track so no way a 68" mower can be offset and cover. Might have to reinstall the hydraulic offset, but then I'd need to install 2nd set rear remotes.
LX116 bucket is wider than my Kioti so I need to relearn reference. Someday maybe all the rocks will be picked up and I can mower without the bucket. :laughing::laughing::laughing: I like the hydraulic toplink. Where the manual link was more set it and forget it, I found myself making adjustments and seeing how it affected the cut. Think I may have it about right when I quit for the day. I think it gives me flexibility over our varying terrain. Guess now, I have to buy a 2nd Hydraulic toplink:cool:

Only got 2 hours mowing :mad: Would you believe someone would get a new tractor and not refill the diesel cans:confused::confused::confused::confused:
Emptied the last 5er into the generator Thu. Being as we live off grid, that has priority. Time to refill all the cans tomorrow.

All in all, very pleased with the DX35:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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David, If you want to make your DX35 look new, wax it with Superglaze or Liquid Glass polish. I polished my D40 with these and what a difference.