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Feb 28, 2010
Ahoy everybody. Have had a EA2400 Yanmar (same as SC2400 CubCadet, have also posted this in CC thread) over here in Australia for a long time. It's been awesome. Mistreated the front axle with the FEL on hills with no back ballast a few too many times and it has started to make a bit of noise somewhere up front only when 4wd is engaged. Parts not easy to come by over here as since the tsunami in Japan they stopped importing the Yanmar EA2400 into Australia so have just been avoiding 4wd as much as possible, but something will eventually give. I picked up a bargain price second EA2400 for spares and looking to make one good tractor. It has never had a FEL on but makes a noise up front when not even in 4wd, just coasting. Hoping they are two different causes and will get a good front axle out of them and I'll stop mistreating it! Any advice?
So I'm getting psyched to step outside my comfort zone with this axle thing and my old original faithful has just stopped while mowing. Still has good battery power, but won't even try turn over, fuse ok, seat safety thingy bypassed. I'm not a mechanic, any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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I guess the first thing that I would check is to make sure the front axle/case is lubed or full of axle oil
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Yeah that was the first thing I checked. In the manual, showing how to change the front axle gear oil, there is no mention of what looks like little bleeder type valves on area where I could imagine air being trapped when refilling with oil. I do not recall using this when i changed out axle oil previous. ?hmm