Electric Grease Gun-love it

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I have the Milwaukee grease gun and will not go back to a manual or an air operated one. sometimes I just line up the tractors and the lawnmowers and use up some grease tubes.
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I find grease tubes to be messy. In fact I carry lever grease guns in all my pto powered implements and they all have clear polycarbonate see through barrels on them with bulk load grease fittings and I bulk load them with my air greaser. With clear barrels, it's easy to see when they need refilled.

I don't 'love' any tools as they all have a purpose. I love my wife and my dog and that is it.

I find 150 pound open head grease drums to be way more cost effective than any messy grease tube.
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I might use 1 tube of grease per year on my about 50 hour per year machine. Cars and Suburban get greased at oil changes once or twice a year.

$15 grease gun works great. ;)
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Got the Miluakee as a gift about a month ago. Very pleased with its operation on all those backhoe fittings.