electric in my barn.....need help

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Apr 6, 2004
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I've seen a lot of shortcuts...

Speaker wire to run lights or extend outlets and undersink faucet flex lines to run natural gas to a dryer probably top the list plus meters bypassed with nails and 22 ga speaker zip wire and a BBQ using a garden hose for natural gas... the guy said the gas is low pressure so it was safe...

Don't know how to prevent it since these people have little interest and couldn't care less except that it works at the moment.

I recently had a permit for a new roof conversion from shake to dimensional composition which meant sheathing, vents, valleys, etc... 22k job. Shake is outlawed now and mine was on skip sheathing.

Never saw the inspector so I called the building department to find out.

Inspector checked the computer and said I should be receiving a final in about a week... asked why I didn't seen anyone over the 4 days of construction and was surprised to learn they only random inspect roofers with a good track record and my roofer was on the good list... so the city collected the money and sent me the completed permit which was sel-inspected by the contractor... go figure?

I work with a lot of older 1910 to 1945 residential homes... many have never been altered as was the 1922 Craftsman Bungalow or 1250 square feet with 3 bedrooms...

A single 30 amp main Edison Fuse feeding a 15 light and 20 amp plug circuit... knob and tube with a knife disconnect and the permit tacked to the enclosure... lived there several years with a full size refrigerator and a washer and dryer and never a single problem... only inconvenience was no grounded outlets...

Home I'm in now was tripping the 220 Dryer circuit... did something I have never done and replaced the old breaker... was OK for about 6 months and started again... turns out the dryer had been moved from one side of the garage to the other and the number 8 copper extended simply by twisting and friction tape... put in a proper J-box and wire nuts and no more problem...