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microwave here don't have to be dedicated, at least not counter top models. Fridge is, dishwasher is, disposal is, stove fan is tapped from light circuit because that is one I forgot to install during rough in and had to install later.

My microwave is plugged into a GFI dining room circuit, only has 5 outlets on the circuit, and microwave is the only thing normally plugged in, so is as good as dedicated.
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Now now, lets not get off down into the inductive or capacitive reactive loads weeds.:) There is always more to the story, but lets just pretend that these load are resistive for our purposes here.:)

No need to IMPEDE his progress.....ZZZZZZZZZ.... :stirthepot:
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Fridge, dishwasher, microwave and freezer should each have a dedicated circuit.
Add water pumps.
I'd also include a garberater if I used one.

My kitchen uses 12 gauge and only ONE half outlet per breaker, that's 6 outlets and 12 breakers.
We can plug anything in anywhere and all at the same time!
What with waffle irons, toasters, blenders, bread ovens deep friars and whatever new gadget that comes along we should be well prepared.
Also 3 kitchen outlets are routed via the generator switch over panel for those ever so often outages.

Now THAT is SAFE!!!!! I like it! :thumbsup: