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Nov 29, 2006
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John Deere 3320 (2008)
I've got an intermittent "ERR 61" display on my 3320. The manual says the code means that the output from the display is "open" and that I won't have a right turn signal on the ROPS. The signal works fine and the error code doesn't seem to relate to anything.

Anybody else ever have this code?
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Computers... don't ya just love 'em?? Don't know how an "open" on the display has much to do with the right turn signal - but the programmers at Deere must have an idea.

I'd let my dealer know that there's a "gremlim" loose in there, though. Ya never know --- today it's an "open" in the display and the next thing it's... well, who knows what the next thing might be...

(You don't have a teenage son do ya'? He might have hooked his iPod into it.. :D)

Best of luck.

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The book says it is the red lamp. An ERR 65 denotes the amber. So the turn signal may still blink amber.
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And there is another was ERROR 61 not 65 the OP was having. So, was that a typo or computor error?

Sincerely, Dirt
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I think Cocre was pointing out that the code refers to the red light and I referred to the amber blinking turn signal.

Yes, I got that too. The red light works fine as well.

I RTFM and found out that I can reset the error code with the display switch on the front panel, which I did when it came on last night and it didn't come back. So far.

And yes, the entire time it throws the code reminds me to avoid computerized instrument panels. Along those lines, we have a 30 year old Maytag washer/dryer set that my wife keeps running. Last time one failed we looked at new stuff, but as soon as she found out about the 5 year life expectancy and that she couldn't fix 'em herself she bought the $25 Maytag part and that was that. Saved me $1500.
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You may want to check the charge on your battery... had the same error code flash on mine, ran fine, turned off the unit to clear the code and then had no amps to turn it over. Was lucky I was in the field instead of the woods! Needed a new battery. Good luck!