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check out Dixie Choppers as well, those things are INCREDIBLE!
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For 2K difference that is a no brainer. Guys in the industry will tell you that no machine leaves a "cleaner" finish cut then the eXmark. However, going over some rough stuff and in a yard that has a lot of dips and is unlevel the Deere 7-Iron II or Scag's Velocity will really shine. I sell all three, so no brand preference here, just honest facts/opinion...but for the price difference I would be bringing home a green mower!
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Hopefully an easy question for you since you sell all three.

Should there be that much difference in price between a Deere and an Exmark?
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No, not for compariable machines, a few hundred maybe but not 2K. Good luck, keep us posted!
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Checking the John Deere website shows that the 757 is not available in 27 hp, 23 and 25 hp only. The 777 is available in 27 hp. This could be what is causing the price difference. Maybe the dealer has given you the wrong hp or wrong model number. My brother uses an exmark and is having terrible trouble with cutting quality, to the point that he has parked it and is borrowing my dad's Scag to do his larger clients.
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I'll have to check back with the dealer on the 757. Thanks for the heads up - maybe I'm the one that made a mistake in posting. (That might be the first mistake I have ever made in my life - grin).

Right now I see no reason to purchase a mower and let it sit in the shed for the winter. It may cost slightly more in the spring, but unless a dealer wants to give me a great deal, I don't see spending that kind of money until spring.

Thanks for all the helpful information
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FYI....Deere will have all new zero turn mowers on the market for 2008, I would wait!
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For 2K less I would go with a deere, but have never had the pricing fall that way for us.

I have a Lazer Z 60 with a Kawasaki and a Dixon 60 with a Kohler.

I went Kawasaki after a couple of back to back Kohler problems. (warranty issues)

I think the pricing between the Kawa and the Kohler may be the Kohler is coming with the improved air filtration set up and the EFI.

If I had to buy a mower tomorrow, it would be an Exmark (not as happy with the current dealer, then again have not needed them much) or the Hustler with Flex forks which gives you some front suspension and I have a good dealer close.

I would also be tempted by a Bad Boy that we saw at TSC for substantially less then either.

I think either of the choices you are looking at are a great piece of equipment. For us, parts availability is one of the most important things, and I have to think Deere is pretty excellent (although again, my experience has been pricy)
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Yea, john deere is going to have a new line up of mowers in '08. why not? there pro Z builder just closed their doors."Everide"Great Dane"!
Deere ,people , wouldn't touch the mower, but paint it green and they fall all over it.:rolleyes:
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gamble77 said:
FYI....Deere will have all new zero turn mowers on the market for 2008, I would wait!
Will John Deere be offering any more diesel models in their line up?