F150 Powerstroke announced.


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Jul 18, 2016
HOLT, Florida
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Glad you like the truck. I haven't looked into the titan XD very much but from the few that I looked at it did look like a very capable machine. I was under the impression that the XD was in the same price range as a 3/4Ton PStroke/Cummins/DMax. All of the 3/4 ton trucks (and above) still have the same emissions junk (DEF, DPF, etc) and they all suffer from reduced mileage.

My Titan was the same sticker price at an F150. Both had 4-wheel drive and towing package, and the reason I gave the wife the choice was that the difference in off-the-lot price was the same. They both advertised the same tow capacity and the same fuel consumption. The difference was the strength of the chassis (therefore the one ton difference in weight) and one was diesel and the other gas. I do enjoy the torque of the diesel and hate the emissions junk. All in all, I am happy with it.

From the test drive, they seem to be pretty much the same as well. Since this is the first year they made them; we'll see.