Falcon Pallet Forks?

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Nov 2, 2014
Laplata, MD
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Falcon Pallet Forks by glacierattachments.com ??

Anyone have experience with Falcon (2000lb) pallet forks by glacierattachments.com built in Michigan? Thank you...
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Re: Falcon Pallet Forks by glacierattachments.com ??

Not familiar with them
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they look pretty much like every other set of forks out there. those 2000lb ones are the smaller profile tines which may be the selling point or the breaking point. for my old tractor i kept hoping to find a set of those used but never did. the tractor had really limited lift capacity and bigger tines and a heavy frame killed the lift. those probably weight 100lb for the pair, where the standard 4"x1-1/4" weigh 100lb each. if your loader capacity is in the 1000lb range i would think those would be the best bet.