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Any man with a surface grinder surely has an air compressor and a suitable npt adapter to hook to the base end of the cylinders. Take the QD off the other hose and put in in a bucket to catch the oil from the rod ends when the cylinders extend.
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6 or 8 foot step ladder over the top with a heavy ratchet strap or come along. Keep cribbing it as you lift.
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Lots of ideas, several of which should work OK. One thing to consider with the extension hose idea is that you would be equipped to deal with it again, if you take the loader off and leave it supported only by itself again.
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got a porta power? :)

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Wow, all good ideas! I have not had a chance to do anything with it yet. Got some bushhogging I want to do before I put it back on the tractor. I have a chain hoist I may try. Also a good reason to buy an engine hoist or boom pole. You can't tell it from the pic's but is is about 6 or 7 feet from my roll-up door. This makes it impossible to get the tractor close enough to hook up the lines but I think I can hook a chain to it and drag it close to the door or even out of the building. Once out of the building I believe I can connect the hydraulic lines. If I ever take it off again I will make some stands that do not rely on the hydraulic system to hold it up.