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Apr 6, 2021
New Hampshire
1952 Ferguson TE-A20
I recently purchased a 1952 TEA20 with a rebuilt engine and new tires that ran beautifully. After a couple months it starts and runs for a minute or so then dies. It is very difficult to get it to start again and dies almost right off.

It is getting gas to the carb. The plugs look like it is running way too rich and the exaust is black and sooty, again like it is running rich. It has a zenith carb and the throttle and choke linkage have some issues with fit and function but work adequately.

Where do I start?
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If it seems to be running rich you could be flooding it or choking it out. If freeing up your linkages doesn't fix the problem you could try hotter spark plugs. Beyond that it's probably time for a new or rebuilt carburetor.
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neither linkage is frozen or stuck.
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Make sure the airway is clear. A clogged air filter or blocked intake or exhaust can prevent running.
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ok, will try that next